Self-Aligning Vehicles

While I’m having an innovation Thursday, I was driving home tonight and noticed that my car was pulling to the right. This was probably a combination of the wind and the slant of the road, but I probably need to get my car’s alignment done, too.

Then it hit me. Why can’t car manufacturers put some lasers on the wheels and make your car automatically re-align the wheels? Would it be that hard?

I don’t think so. And I think there’s a hidden benefit. The car could automatically adjust to slanted roads and sustained cross-winds so that the driver doesn’t need to constantly keep pressure on the steering wheel to keep the car going straight – the vehicle could either tilt or turn the wheel alignment slightly in reaction to conditions where the driver is having to constantly apply pressure on the wheel.

Some will surely complain that this is unnecessary, “And besides – you should always keep your hands on the wheel, anyway!” Yeah. There are people that always drive with their hands at 10-and-2.

Dream on. In the real world, people have to adjust their position for a million different reasons. And if vehicles do a better job of self-aligning the wheels there will be fewer accidents, longer-lasting tire-treads, and better fuel-efficiency.

I’m no prophet of Apple, Inc being the alleged “innovative” company all too many say it is, but there’s no good reason why car manufacturers have been completely incapable of producing real innovation that continually improves the process of driving – for everyone.


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