Just watched “The Secret” DVD

A brief review of The Secret DVD…. The Secret is a masterpiece of circular logic. A triumph of selective perception over scientific rigor. If you have time to waste and a free copy (for goodness sake, don’t buy it–that’s just what they want you to do–‘prove’ them more right by making them wealthy!!!), slap this baby into your DVD player and prepare to hurt from the gullibility and absurdity. Warning: if you know someone that’s caught up in “The Secret” method, this may be an agonizing experience, too….


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3 Responses to Just watched “The Secret” DVD

  1. James Ray Fan says:

    I read THE SECRET and felt kind of like the ideas were there but the applications were not. I was visualizing and working on attracting the things I desire into my life, but not much was happening. I wanted results.

    So I decided to attend a few seminars and ended up at James Ray’s Harmonic Wealth Weekend. (James Ray was one of the teachers in The Secret.) I have to say the weekend was the most amazing two days imaginable! Talk about results – I was able to move past some major barriers that had been weighing me down for years and come up with decisive ways to bring more wealth into my life on an everyday basis. I highly recommend this weekend and James Ray’s new book, Harmonic Wealth, to anyone who is ready to actually make some changes and stop making excuses. My life is on the MOVE!

    Here’s to making it happen: harmonicwealth.com/read

    • stormculture says:

      The human mind is a sea of ideas – literally – one idea leads to another, which leads to another, for as long as we’re alive. We all have “hang ups” or “destructive thoughts” or habitually counterproductive ways of seeing the world. The bits of inspiration we have that help us move past any of these ways of thinking can come from anywhere – from simply staring out the window to attending a lecture/presentation deliberately “designed” to help people in this way. The fact that you get help from something – whether it is a presentation or the tweet of a bird out your window – doesn’t make it the causal thing – and it certainly doesn’t mean that other people should do the same thing to get help in their own lives. For billions of people, religion has been the incredibly helpful thing for them.

      The problem is, is your source real? Does it have a chance of actually being true? Is it acceptable to “change your life” by adopting a false idea? A lie? I won’t deny it’s useful to achieve a higher level of happiness by believing a lie, but if a lie works, isn’t it possible a new truth can be found that provides the same benefit, but without the self-deception? In my opinion, that is the case. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a useful lie for which an even more useful truth cannot be found. Accepting lies is just the easy way out.

      So why am I talking about “lies” presumptively in response to your “harmonicwealth” book? A. because in our system, not everyone can be wealthy, and there’s certainly no formulaic way to become wealthy. Even robbing banks is “risky.” B. Anytime someone offers up a view of pretty much anything to do with human behavior or outcomes using terms like “harmonics” or patterns they are probably just another snake-oil salesman. Human beings are pattern-seeking machines. We love identifying patterns in the chaos around us – we actually derive a neurological opiate benefit from finding plausible new and (seemingly) meaningful patterns. We need to stop looking for the hidden “harmonics” and “patterns” in life that that will make us happy. Rather, we need to come to understand the nature of the chaos and randomness we live in and learn to appreciate it for what it is, not somehow convince ourselves it isn’t what it is. The absence of self-deception is a crucial component of happiness – and is far more important to that than wealth.

  2. stormculture says:

    Making breakthroughs in one’s own psyche is great. Positive thinking is great – it’s much more effective than negative thinking. I’ll even say that having a positive attitude tends to be an ingredient in achieving success in life, whether it’s healthy relationships with others or simply accomplishing goals, including financial success.

    But life is a symphony inside chaos. Our ability to create our own reality is very limited. For example, let’s say you “do everything right,” get a college degree, have a successful family, but then you’re in an auto accident, hit by a drunk driver, your kids are killed and you and your wife are paralyzed. The other driver had no insurance and was killed. All the wealth you amassed is spent on your medical bills, and you’re left in debt, too.

    Is it your fault this happened? Was it your lack of a PMA (positive mental attitude)? Of course not. This is just an extreme example of how our ability to influence the path of our own lives is limited and subject to outside influences that can range to very small, to massively powerful – so much so that we are helpless to fight some of those influences. This is an example of an extremely powerful influence, but other, smaller influences play out in our lives every moment, all the time, just as we are influencing others.

    For us to think that our own PMA will influence our life for good but have a net-zero impact on other people’s lives is also delusional. We influence others’ lives for good and bad all the time, without even knowing it most of the time. If you start a successful business selling widgets you decrease the market for someone else to sell widgets, and now they are poor, and they go kill themselves when they go bankrupt as a result. This is another extreme example, but you get the point – and it happens! No matter what you do, good or bad, you will affect “the universe” both positively and negatively.

    Seeking a healthy psyche and a PMA is like mowing your lawn. We mow our lawns to do our part to try to make our little piece of the world look nice, but we have no idea if we will die while doing it, or the next day, or a terrorist will nuke our city block the next week, rendering our efforts moot. But we do it anyway – it’s a calculated risk we engage in that tends to favor benefits for us.

    But it is delusional to fool yourself into believing that a PMA will bring you wealth, or that your PMA is universally beneficial in the universe. Even more dangerous are the offshoots people of such delusions fall into – “Conservative” notions that if a person is poor or struggling, then they have a negative attitude, haven’t worked hard enough, or are some how otherwise solely “responsible” for the problems they are having. This is justification for greed, not any sort of “truth.” These notions have rotted western civilization to it’s core. Fortunately, Europe has begun to see through these fallacies, but America is still mucking around in this mental sewage….

    “The Secret” and it’s proponents that try to suggest that wealth comes to you if you do X are simply systems of control designed to enrich their proponents. Only some of the adherents are enriched – and that’s all they need to maintain the system – a few examples of “success” will delude millions of new recruits. And we humans love to believe in things…

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